September 13, 2018

How prediction is changing the marketplace

Nowadays technology has impacted different industries around the world to dramatically change the way each vertical works, for instance, big industries like Retail, CPG and travel are relaying their commercial efforts on new technologies that allows them have more insights and be more proactive towards their audience. EPICA, the first prediction as a service company, have had an important role on this scenario where technology becomes the principal partner of every decision maker among different areas of each company.

EPICA’s new technology allows companies around the world to have a better and deeper understanding of it audience and anticipate their behavior to have high impact results improving performance in different areas of the selling process from inventory management to ads communications. The sectors that have benefited from EPICA's predictions are: Retail and E-Commerce with 77% of assertiveness, GPG with 75% and travel with 70%. However, EPICA’s platform can be applied to any context.

On the other hand, EPICA has a professional team that includes more than 30 data scientists and three PHD’s that are support the platform in order to have better results and accuracy predictions.Most artificial intelligence solutions aim to solve complex data problems. However, EPICA have bigger and better capabilities for marketers, executives,developers and any professional who wants to have a better knowledge at the time of executing any project. Definitely EPICA will change the way industries anticipate patterns and predictions as a service.

EPICA is an autonomous machine that requires little human intervention to work, becoming the best ally of any type of company. EPICA is capable of understanding and integrating many channels , such as Facebook, Google, Automation, CRM etc. in order to deliver better and smarter insights about company data and how to use it.In fact, this platform tries to have the best predictions and gives better decision for companies and consultants.

Diego Páramo, Executive Vice President of EPICA, said : “Inspired by today’s amazing transformations and opportunities, we created EPICA: a prediction company that gives companies unprecedented decision-making power by analyzing audience behavior patterns in real time through big data.”

The technology behind EPICA is able to tailor algorithms with each of the clients and sectors, training the systems in order to get better results in predictions.In fact, this technology training AI programs through machine learning models, customizing the strategy for each context guaranteeing the satisfaction of the costumners.

“Retail sector can take a big advantage from AI based on predictive models as it helps the retailer to gain more insight about their customers journey, supply chain management, logistics behavior . As you may know granularity and modeling vasts amounts of information is the core of Retail, and Predictive Models works flawlessly in this matter. We have seen in recent implementations how AI based predictive models has really changed the dynamics of the retail sector.” He added.


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