October 1, 2019

EPICA among the 100 Start-Ups to watch during the South Summit Madrid

South Summit, the world-renowned conference is about to begin on October 2-4 in Madrid. And within the summit activities, one of the most awaited is the South Summit Startup competition that brings together the 100 most innovative startups in nine different categories to find the next unicorn. This year, EPICA is competing for the Cutting Edge Technologies award.

The South Summit is considered to be one of the most relevant technology events in the world and its Startup competition has become a benchmark for innovation. To participate in Madrid, EPICA stood out among 500 projects from all around the world during the South Summit Pacific Alliance in Bogota, Colombia last June 20, 2019.

In Madrid, EPICA will compete with 10 more promising start-ups in the most crowded category: Cutting Edge Technologies in front of +1,000 investors. “We feel very proud of being among such an incredible roster of start-ups. Furthermore, we are very confident about the work we have performed so far and with the quality of the product that we have accomplished. So, we think we have strong capabilities to compete for this year’s award”, mentioned Hernan Rodriguez, EPICA CEO.

EPICA has caught the South Summit attention by being the world's first prediction as a service CDP (Customer Data Platform) platform that uses machine learning and AI algorithms modules to storage and cluster granular data, to run predictions via Sophia, its owned Prediction Engine; and to activate audiences with programmatic buying, Webpage personalization, Google Ads, and more.

This year's competition is expected to result in a great show on how the start-up landscape is moving around globally. Other categories to follow up during the South Summit in Madrid, are Energy and Sustainability, Consumer Solutions, Fintech and Insurtech, Marketing & Content, Digital Business and Government, Smart Mobility, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare and Biotech, and Edtech & Enlighted.


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